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For information about buying or selling units in the property trusts, please contact John Dalley.

Units in the property trusts can be traded at any time at any price agreed between a buyer and a seller.

Unit Holders can transfer Units between entities by completing a transfer form which can be found within this section of this website and submitting this form to the Trustee for registration.

All of the property trusts managed by Benlee Company Pty Limited are classified as Unregistered Managed Investment Schemes. There is a requirement for investors to be Wholesale Investors, as defined by the Corporations Act.

Unit Holders wishing to sell Units in any of the Trusts need to complete the Unit Transfer Form, have it signed by both the seller and the buyer and then post the original copy to the Trustee as indicated on the Form.

 Unit Trust, Unit Transfer Form for all Trusts

When submitting a Unit Transfer Form to the Trustee applicants need to supply certain additional documentation Off Market Transfer Information Required. 

 Off Market Transfer Information Required

Regarding the property trusts managed by Benlee Company Pty Ltd (John Dalley), the Trustee is One Funds Management Limited (OFML). 

OFML is an independent funds management business that focuses on investment management and services associated with funds management and is one of six responsible entities in the One Investment Group. OFML holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No. 300337.

Entities within One Investment Group currently operate as responsible entity/trustee for more than 200 registered, and unregistered schemes and entities within One Investment Group also act as the investment manager for numerous investment funds.  The total value of the assets within these schemes is over $10 billion. 

The Trustee has the primary responsibility to operate the Trusts and to perform functions conferred on it by the Constitutions.  Further information regarding the Trustee can be found on their website

Benlee Stronghold Property Trust No 9 Off Market Transfer Form

Benlee No 9, unit transfer form

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